We follow Greg Glassman's mantra of "Mechanics – Consistency – Intensity".  This means we coach you through the movements and WODs (Workout of the Day) correctly first, make sure you do both the movements consistently, as well as come into the gym consistently, then we dial up the RELATIVE intensity that you can sustain! This doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged, we promise you will; but we want to keep you safe in the movement so you stay healthy and meet your fitness goals!

At CrossFit Estes Park we require the completion of a 3 hour (broken out into 2-1.5 hour increments)  "Basic Elements" Class before participating in regular CrossFit workouts.  

CrossFit workouts utilize many different techniques that may not be familiar to everyone. By learning to execute these techniques correctly you will be able to workout successfully while avoiding injury and at the same time gradually 'ramp up' to condition your body for regular group CrossFit classes. We routinely experience people coming to train with us that feel they are already 'in shape' and do not feel they need to ramp up. Think again!

The 'Basic Elements class is $150 and will cover the nine basic movements of CrossFit: squat, front squat, overhead squat - press, push press, push jerk - deadlift, sumo high pull deadlift, and the medicine ball clean. The $150 fee also covers an unlimited month of classes to get you started. 

Basic Element Classes are held on the second and third Monday nights of each month from 6:30-8 pm. Call or email to schedule yours now! 

3 hour Basic Elements Classes will be scheduled according to trainer and prospective members' availability.


See regular class schedule for daily workout class times.