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Saturday May 30

At home wod Mobility- PNF hamstrings Kb reset Painball as needed Warm up- 3x 5 inch worms 10 squats 15 kB swings Wod- Bear crawl up the stairs 20 sit-ups Bear crawl down the stairs (feet first, of cou

Friday May 29

At home wod Mobility- Doorway stretch Kb reset Couch Warm up- 2x 2 rounds trips up the stairs 10 stair pushups 5 jumping jacks 7 dips Wod- 10-15-20 1 arm power snatch (kb or db, total reps not each ar

Thursday May 28

AT GYM WOD!!! Outdoors in parking lot We will run this as an open gym 2 hours to spread people out, 7-9 AM Bring any equipment you have at home that is in the wod, bring a mask, you’ll be assigned a p


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