Friday, March 30

10 foot Rope climb, 4 ascents 30/45 pound Clean and jerk, 4 reps 10 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents 45/65 pound Clean and jerk, 3 reps 10 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents 65/95 pound Clean and jerk, 2 reps 10 foot Rope climb, 1 ascent 95/135 pound Clean and jerk, 1 rep 

Scale: 2:1 strict chin ups to sub rope climb


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Friday November 27

At gym wod Please remember to try and space out your arrival/workout times to reduce number of people in the gym at any given point. Wod- 6 rounds Speed walk 200 m 10 rounds of: Kb Russian swing Kb po

Thursday November 26

At home wod Warm up- Start with egg nog, then get yourself a piece of pumpkin pie. Eat it. Mobility- Pants loose enough? Make sure that top button can be undone (discreetly of course) Wod- This is the


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