Monday September 3

A single team WOD class at 8 AM

In teams of 3 do:

1 helicopter burpee Then: Run 200 m 40 thrusters 45/30 lbs 20 Hollow Rocks Each person picks a exercise, can’t start next round until all reps of each round are complete. Each round starts with helicopter burpee, rotate partner each round on burpee. Total of 3 rounds for time.  


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Tuesday November 24

At home wod Mobility- PNF hamstrings Banded rack Painball Warm up- 8 each, 2 rounds Squat Pushups Dips Wod- 10 minute AMRAP 1 kb Russian swing - 1 arm 1 kb clean to a front squat - 1 arm 1 kb deadlift

Sunday November 22

At home wod Mobility- Couch Kb reset Painball as/where needed Warm up- 12-10-8 Squats Pushups Jumping jacks Wod- 30-40-20 Lunges Dips Sit-ups


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