Money December 10

Good morning! Guess what? It’s Justin’s last day at CFEP! (Not that that’s a good thing...). As a proper send off, we thought we would create a ‘Justin type’ WOD...(you know, because I’m the Super sensitive type...)

Row 350 m




3 deadlifts 

6 hpc 

9 pp 

For 4 rounds


6 wall balls

9 hollow rocks

12 Superman’s 

For 5 rounds


Run 100 m

10 kB swings

10 ring rows

10 lunges

6 rounds


Lay on the floor and breathe. 

Also, throughout the wod make sure you set your area aside while making sure not to disturb others and use your own phone as a timer. 

Also don’t write down your times on the board, since there’s not enough room to do it anyways...

Also, help Justin remember that Eric is Soooo funny...

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