Wednesday February 27

Almost ...Double Grace

For Stacey’s birthday! 51 is just a random number I pulled out of .... For time: clean and jerk, 51 reps 

Scale: weight 

Rxd is 135

(And yes, traditionally this is a rare workout where the standard is to make this a power clean....)

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Wednesday July 31

Saturday July 31 At gym wod 8-9 am 8 min AMRAP 8 deadlifts 65/95 lbs 8 pushups

Friday July 30

At gym wod 7-9 am 14 min EMOM Odd: 10 thrusters 45/65 lbs Even: 20 kb swings 25/35 lbs

Thursday July 29

At home wod Mobility- PNF hamstrings Doorway shoulder stretch Painball - glutes, pecs Warm up-3x 2 inch worms 4 dips 6 squats 8- kB halos Wod- 21-15-9 Kb swings Hollow rocks Pushups