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Friday April 10

At home wod

Mobility Day! Yup, it’s time again...

- 1 minute in each position with the band or strap. equal’s 5 minutes per leg x2 equals 19 minutes! that’s leg straight up, then to the side, then knee to chest and slooooowly push out across the body, back to hamstrings again then finally rolling over to size or belly for those quads/hip flexors.

- doorway shoulder stretch, 3 positions; T, Y and W, hold each for 1 minute again x2 wait a minute....

- banded shoulder to opposite heal, 1 minute each side

- kb reset, 2 minutes each side

Ok! Work transitions that’s a bit over 20 minutes. now a simple movement wod for quality!





and now...if you haven’t done it yet, get registered for the fundraiser!


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