Friday June 5

Friday June 5

At home wod

What?!?! Flexible Friday!

Ok, you’ve come back in the gym (or parking lot, as the case may be...) and it turns out you haven’t been stretching at home...

Here’s your chance!

Grab a band or strap, bend at the hips just enough to... spank yourself for being so bad!

Now 1 minute each position for lower body; hamstrings, adductors (out to the side), knee to chest across body, hip flexors (roll over on belly w hands behind your head, now hamstrings again.

Painball in your butt, be specific now...

Upper body! Band on door knob (no no no OPPOSITE side of door knob from where you are) close door on band, then; arm straight out to side, cross body, rotate full 360 (that’s a full circle) arm behind back. Now remember that over head stretch you miss so much? (Yes, Gloria and Janelle, I was listening...), band off door knob and hook it upper edge of door, close door (this will be important in a minute) grab band and do overhead stretch (pull against door, of course...)

You’re welcome!

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