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Friday May 22

At home wod

guess what? It’s flexible friday, that’s what!


(That is so perfect. I wish I had come up with that 57 weeks ago...)

Get those bands out (use a strap if you don’t have a belt)

1 minute each position


-adductors (leg out to the side)

-Outside corner of your hip (that’s the knee to chest then push cross body one...)

-hamstrings again

-hip flexor (roll to one side or onto your belly)

now do the other side!

Great, legs feel good? I bet you wish you had been doing this after workout, don’t you? I know, that you know, that you know better...

now go back to your first leg. Same position but get leg to a as 45 degree angle to floor. foot circles! now other way!

Now point and flex!

Great, you’re almost there...

how about edge of the foot?

Now instep!

And the finale? Let’s point and flex. you’re awesome!!!



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