Friday May 8

At home wod

mobility -

PNF hamstrings

ankle mobility - painball work underneath ankle bone

Tspine mash

warm up-2x

10 lunges

8 hollow holds

6 Superman’s

4 inch worms

wod -

Ok, part two! Of what? I can’t believe you are even asking that. Last Friday was not that long ago...

time to get your squat on...

let’s build off of the first 6 steps from last Friday (you were focusing on those steps all of last week, right?)

7. Your knees track over the line of the foot.

8. Don’t let the knees roll inside the foot.

9. Keep as much pressure on the heels as possible.

10. Stay off of the balls of the feet.

11. Delay the knees forward travel as much as possible.

12. Lift your arms out and up as you descend.

13. Keep your torso elongated.

14. Send hands as far away from your butt as possible.

15. In profile, the ear does not move forward during the squat, it travels down.

great! Now then, 75 excellent squats adding these steps to your first six.

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