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Sunday March 22

Warm up:

5 minute practice of hollow hold position - remember lay on back, legs extended straight up, feel small of back in contact with the floor, now lower legs, while pressing through your belly button to the floor. Stop just before the lumbar curve starts to sneak in. WOD:

50 excellent box squats. Those of you that didn’t skip this one in the past (you know, because it was too easy/boring)... remember the following:

from seated position in kitchen chair

knees don’t travel forward

no forward lean allowed

lift from your center (Engage Maverick, engage!)

Be strict with yourself, you’ll know when you cheat. Don’t count that rep.

scale: stand from a higher level. Put books on your chair to raise seated level.


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Tuesday November 24

At home wod Mobility- PNF hamstrings Banded rack Painball Warm up- 8 each, 2 rounds Squat Pushups Dips Wod- 10 minute AMRAP 1 kb Russian swing - 1 arm 1 kb clean to a front squat - 1 arm 1 kb deadlift

Sunday November 22

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