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Sunday May 24

At home wod

Mobility - spend time here, tomorrow is Murph....

PNF hamstrings strings

Kb reset

Doorway stretch


Warm up-

Experiment with different pull-up subs

- bent over db rows

- band pull downs

- towel pull through

25 stair steps or figure out where you could run in your neighbor hood



Stair steps

Pull up sub



Stair steps

Don’t go hard, just do work

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Friday December 4

At gym wod 7-9 am Try and stagger your arrival times, bring your mask and both sides of your brain! 4 rounds of: 6 reps, alternating arms -kb swing -swing to clean & squat -deadlift -tactical rotation

Thursday December 3

At home wod Mobility- PNF hamstrings Couch Warm up- 6-8-10 Squats Pushups Wod- 10 minute AMRAP 2 burpees 5 hollow rocks 4 burpees 5 hollow rocks 6 burpees 5 hollow rocks 8 burpees Etc etc


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