Thursday March 19

At home wod 3/19/20

Warm up:

6 jumping jacks

8 squats - last squat hang out in bottom for 5 seconds, increase by 5 seconds each round

10 pushups




Deadlift - find something heavy in your house. It’ll be an odd object; 5 gal jug of water, a small child, kB if you have one or your soul...

Sit-ups - I know I know, no Ab mat. Make one! Use a towel folded up in a rectangle. You may need two, the object is to fill the lumbar curve. may need several. remember what to do. I know you do. Don’t fake it.

Scale: soul not heavy enough yet? Do unweighted deadlifts at 2:1 (ie: 42/30/18). plank burpees on a kitchen chair

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