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Tuesday March 31

At home wod:


Kb reset

PNF hamstrings well!

Calf bone saw

Warm up: 3x

6 power snatches w pvc/broomstick/your good wackin’ stick

8 lunges

6 dips

8 back extensions


Remember those stairs? Let’s check and see the job you did (or didn’t...) do!

10 rounds-

Start at the bottom of the stairs with

-12 kB swings ( no kettlebell? Text me to check one out or use a dumbbell/can of soup in each hand/heavy backpack?)

- inch worm up stairs. Just like it sounds, walk hands up, do a push-up, walk feet up, get butt up in air as high as you can, repeat to top

-12 jumping jacks at top of stairs.

- quick walk/run back down!

Let me know the job you did on cleaning this stairs the other day!

Oh... and comment your time below.

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