I just have to tell you that when I skated on Wednesday night, I felt 20 years younger!! I started CrossFit last year in September and started playing ice hockey in October after a 29 year layoff (last competitive hocky I played was in college when I was 18). When I started last year I had a hell of a time getting through a 1 minute shift on the ice. My legs burned and I was gasping for air!! I’m now skating on the A/B league and while I do get a little winded from trying to keep up with 20 year olds, I am feeling GREAT! I have you, Joel and CrossFit to thank for my ‘renewed youth’!! … not to mention no more borderline high cholesterol!!

Jeff Liddle

Estes Park, CO

“CrossFit works. The benefits go beyond fitness. It also helps with focus, sleep, stress management and posture. Don´t wait. I thought I was in decent shape. CrossFit was a wake-up call. And the amount of attention and training you get is amazing. It’s almost like having your own personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost.”

Jim McCormick

Estes Park, CO

I have trained with ski coaches, personal trainers and fitness professionals. Hands down your CrossFit program is the best. You do an awesome job instructing, coaching and motivating! Since I started your prescribed CrossFit workouts under your tutelage my strength has improved, my range of movement has become more dynamic. Something I am very happy about is that my nagging shoulder and back pain has gone away. Thanks for all you do! 

Rich Flanery

Estes Park, CO

“I can’t believe how much better I feel. Throughout the day I have more energy and don’t get tired in the afternoon like I used to. Whats even worse is the nastier the workout in the morning, the better I feel later in the day!”

Jo Adams AKA Mom

Estes Park, CO

“Every time I do CrossFit I do something that I have never done before.”

John Roehl

Estes Park, CO

“The other day I walked up to my pickup to get out my small toolbox (40 lbs.). In the past I had always had to put the tailgate down, climb up on it and opened my larger toolbox. Then I would set the smaller one on the tailgate, climb back down lug the small box to where ever I needed it. This time I walked up to the truck, opened the big toolbox lifted the small one out over the tailgate and never even considered going through the hassle I used to!”


Estes Park, CO

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